For Business Owners, Home Improvement Contractors and Sales Closers who want to drink from the skulls of their enemies!


Fail fast or win BIG. One reason why most people don't succeed in life is simply because they don't drink from the skulls of their enemies anymore.

If you're someone who wants to level up in all areas of life, if you're sick of the excuses, if you want to be the best version of yourself… This podcast show is for you.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Jeff Smith, my dad and founder and CEO of one of the leading meat retail businesses in the country, is no exception. In this podcast episode, I sit down with him to discuss how he prioritized teamwork and let his employees take ownership of their work while leading by example and cultivating an atmosphere that rewards hard work and makes everyone feel included.

In the world of the roofing business, working harder AND smarter is the way to go, as opposed to what most people believe in doing just either of them. It is the way to be better on this kind of playing field. In this episode of the I Drink from Skulls podcast, Logan Graff joins us to deep dive into his journey into making it big in the roofing industry and what it takes to stay in the game strong.

Meet Ryan, a pioneer in modern consulting and masterminds. As the Founder & CEO of Break Free Academy who has been through it all. He offers practical advice and insights that will inspire you to take action and overcome your own obstacles.

We're excited to have James Emerson, the President of Renew Roofing, join us today to share his inspiring story of how he went from a one-man operation to a multi-state powerhouse in the roofing industry.

Are your sales stuck in a slump, making you want to pull your hair out? Even when you're doing everything right, it can be tough when the results just don't show up. But don't sweat it, because in today's podcast, we've got the remedy you need! Get ready to learn how to charm your way to success with the gift of the gab, the art of persuasive and confident sales talk.

Feeling a bit down on your luck lately? Maybe you've hit a rough patch, or you're tired of working for the man. Listen in, because this episode is fired up! Today, we are joined by Dave Martin, who's been there, done that when it comes to getting canned from a cushy job. But instead of sulking, he flipped the script and got back on his feet.


For Business Owners, Home Improvement Contractors and Sales Closers who want to drink from the skulls of their enemies!