The Journey to Becoming a Top 10 Roofing Company

Some people get into business for the wrong reasons. Yes, money is important but that can’t be your only drive or passion. 

In the world of the roofing business, working harder AND smarter is the way to go, as opposed to what most people believe in doing just either of them. It is the way to be better on this kind of playing field.

In this episode of the I Drink from Skulls podcast, Logan Graff joins us to deep dive into his journey into making it big in the roofing industry and what it takes to stay in the game strong. 

Get those ears ready for another round of discovery my friends! 

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Episode Highlights:

Welcome to the I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

From Novice to Expert: How Logan Started in the Business of Collection [1:45]

Roofing Rookie: Learning the Ins and Outs of the Industry [7:34]

Accountability Above All: Finding Passion in the Roofing Business [11:07]

Partnering for Success: How Logan and Sam’s Friendship Built Profitable Partnership [17:06]

Struggles with Distributors: The Challenges of Roofing Supply Chain! [20:34]

The Importance of Looking the Part in the Business World [26:40]

Responding to Emergencies: The Importance of a Quick and Reliable Team [29:32]

Expert Advice for Buying a Business in the Roofing Industry [36:10]

Partnerships and Profit: Expert Advice for Business Owners [39:16]

Networking for Success: How Handshakes Can Lead to Opportunities [44:53]

The Big Takeaway: Lessons Learned from Experience [47:26]

Building Your Brand: Sticking with One Thing to Find Success in Roofing [53:13]

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