The Deep Dark Secrets Of Culture, Leadership & Being A Role Model

Are you looking for practical advice on how to succeed as a business leader, drive innovation within your company, and develop a motivated and dedicated team? 

While ambition is an admirable quality in any leader, it can be easy to forget that there’s more to leading an effective team than just being a boss. Crafting an organization’s culture, fostering positive leadership traits, and embracing the role of being a role model for your team is often forgotten — but even more essential when striving for success. 

When it comes to success, who knows better than someone who achieved it? 

Jeff Smith, my dad and founder and CEO of one of the leading meat retail businesses in the country, is no exception. In this podcast episode, I sit down with him to discuss how he prioritized teamwork and let his employees take ownership of their work while leading by example and cultivating an atmosphere that rewards hard work and makes everyone feel included.

Additionally, Jeff’s story is even more amazing considering that his previous job in the liquor industry was completely different! Learn from his journey of leaving the wine business behind to start anew in the meat business.

With personal anecdotes and practical advice, Jeff’s message is more relevant today than ever before. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a true industry leader. Tune into “I Drink from Skulls” today and get inspired to create a culture that your employees will love!



Episode Highlights:

Welcome to the I Drink From The Skulls Podcast. [0:00]

Jeff Smith’s Journey in the Wine Industry [2:33]

Going from Accountant to Sales Rep. [3:57]

Trip Ideas for Business Expansion and Growth.[7:45]

Building a Business that Builds a Culture: A Blueprint for Success [10:20]

Retiring from the Wine business and Moving On. [15:21]

Over-Deliver and Over-Service: Recipe for Business Success  [17:44]

Build a Culture That Supports Your Business: Jeff Smith’s Top Tips. [21:16]

Addiction is an Illness: One Man’s Journey to Overcoming Adversity. [27:28]

Retire Early and Retire Rich: Expert Advice for Financial Freedom [29:32]

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