Australian Sales God Reveals Everything You Need to Know to Close More Deals Today

Are your sales stuck in a slump, making you want to pull your hair out? Even when you’re doing everything right, it can be tough when the results just don’t show up.

But don’t sweat it, because in today’s podcast, we’ve got the remedy you need! Get ready to learn how to charm your way to success with the gift of the gab, the art of persuasive and confident sales talk.

Discover the secret to winning the sales game by knowing your rivals and every player involved in the process. Plus, we’ll show you how to create a winning team through networking and mentoring.

Get ready to tighten up your business and seize any opportunities that come your way with some valuable insights. And if you’re struggling with sales calls, we’ve got a sequence of questions that will turn things around and a list of cardinal sins to avoid.

So, if you’re tired of feeling stuck and frustrated, tune in and give yourself the break you deserve!

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Episode Highlights:

Welcome to the I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

The gift of the gab [2:50]

Struggles and challenges that Ryan faced in business [9:34]

There’s always someone else in the process [12:41]

The importance of networking events and mentoring your team [18:40]

The importance of reminding your team that you have time for them [21:39]

Keep things tight, but be ready for opportunity [29:25]

The sequence of questions that you need to change in your sales calls [34:16]

The cardinal sins of sales – trigger words [37:11]

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