The MEANT Model: Elite Performance Strategy For Business And Life

Unlock the door to greatness and unleash your hidden potential with the transformative power of the MEANT Model – a battle-tested blueprint for success, both in the dynamic arena of business and life.

Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Ceri Cummings. He has conquered everything from soldier to rugby player to his current status as a thriving business mogul. But, he’s not just an ordinary fitness expert. His story involves embracing a multitude of roles and acquiring priceless life lessons throughout his journey.

Embark on Ceri’s remarkable personal journey and uncover the captivating truth behind his incredible transformation. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip by to spark your passion and motivation like never before. Tune in and click now to uncover life-changing insights that will lead you towards success.

Episode Highlights:

Welcome to I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

The TRUE Cost Of Becoming A Rugby Player [4:29]

Controversial Tactics That Got Ceri His Business [9:39]

Behind The MEANT Method To Explode Profits [14:40]

Stepping Outside What You Know and Achieve More [19:26]

The Big Gap Between a Need and a Want [24:50]

How To Effectively Plan and Do Your Next Move [29:56]

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