Reclusive Marketing Tycoon Finally Reveals The Secret to Crushing the Day

Crush the day before it crushes you.

While most people hit the snooze button and scramble through the day, there are folks who dive head first into what needs to be done and turn this into a massive opportunity to set up a daily routine for success.

In this episode of the I Drink From Skulls podcast, Drewbie Wilson joins us to deep dive into his personal development and his journey in the entrepreneur world. Living through his personal mantra… ‘’Crush the day before it crushes you’’

Tune in to learn more about what it takes to be relentless in your approach and manifest the kind of success you deserve.

Put your finger on the pulse… Keep slaying my friends!

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Episode Highlights

Welcome to the I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

Crush the day before it crushes you [1:34]

Drewbie’s journey before APEX [3:44]

Generating leads in social media [6:25]

How to deal with the fear of not having the money to invest [9:30]

Don’t be afraid to give free stuff  to help some people to get the thing that you want [16:10]

Unlocking the scarcity mindset [17:21]

You don’t have to bring monetary value to a relationship for it to be a valuable relationship [20:26]

The importance of calling the damn leads [22:57]

Why it’s important to monitor the sales team [26:22]

Time management [29:08]

The importance of being intentional about your family time [34:25]

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