How To Become The Top 1% Of Sales Closers

Stop settling for average closings – become one of the top 1% sales closers today! Get all the tools you need to maximize your leads and be unstoppable.

In a world where attention is the currency, we’re battling for every second of it. Your leads are on the move, scrolling through social media, and answering calls, but are you engaging effectively?

Here’s the deal, folks – don’t be the complainer in the corner. Be the one who’s crushing it with daily content that’s not annoying, brings the laughs, and shares your values.

The statistics don’t lie: 80% of salespeople never follow up with prospects. 2% of sales are made on the first contact, and just 10% follow up more than three times.

So, are you ready to make the change and join the 1%? Learn the secrets to closing over 75% of your leads and discover the power of 20 touchpoints now! 

Stop whining about your lousy leads. It’s time to join the elite 1% who know these 13 powerhouse ways to follow up with leads.

Step up your skills and make this your year for sales growth. Tune in, come on board with us, and witness your progress reach the highest.

Episode Highlights:

Welcome to I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

What the Sales Institute Study Revealed Nobody Expected [2:10]

Mind-blowing Way To Make Sure You’re Follow Up Is HEARD [5:49]

Create “Shock Factor” – Get Prospects Response Instantly [9:08]

Why Most People Are Failing At Following Up [13:57]

Discovering a New Method to Secure Reliable Clients [14:36]

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