Former Tradie Reveals His Secrets To Wealth Through Property

Discover the secrets to avoiding fake property investments! 

Protect yourself from scams, frauds, and crooks in the real estate world. 

Prepare to be amazed by Neil Gibb, a director at CoBuilt Construction’s incredible journey. From UK to Perth, Australia, he has faced it all and is ready to share his captivating story. 

Starting from scratch, Neil had zero business experience and knew little about real estate. But now, he’s on a mission to help others achieve their financial dreams. He believes in creating positive cash flow and long-term wealth.

Tune in to this podcast and be prepared to be blown away. Hit that play button and let Neil’s story and valuable insights inspire you. 

Remember, success belongs to those who take action and learn from the best. 

Cheers to your future success in the world of real estate.

Episode Highlights:

Welcome to I Drink From Skulls Podcast [00:00]

Neil’s Electrician Adventure in Australia [1:53]

What You Can Learn From Neil’s Real Estate Journey [4:31]

Ignite Your Real Estate Fortune With Neil’s Roadmap To Wealth [9:05]

How He Exited The Oil & Gas Industry [11:56]

Investing in Real Estate & Watch The Cash Flow In [17:41]

Trick To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Property Investment [21:09]

Find Out How Neil Makes Up His Mind On A Good Opportunity [24:48]

Unlocking the Secrets of Vision and Mission To Create Your Own Wealthy Future [30:32]

Reaching SUCCESS With A CLEAR Vision [33:48]

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