$100 Million In Sales From This Largely Underutilized Strategy

There has always been a hunger for instant business success.

The idea of big cash flows and immediate return of investments is tempting, isn’t it?

But still, no single business strategy is a guarantee of success. There are many brilliant business ideas and strategies out there that still fail. The big question is… WHY?

In this episode of the I Drink From Skulls Podcast, Andrew Ammons joins us to talk about a secret in what causes success and the importance of knowing yourself better in the way you plan and scale your business. We deep dive into the most underutilized business strategy which could be a gold mine for many entrepreneurs… But only if you play it right. 

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Episode Highlights

Introducing Andrew Ammons (0:00)

More into who Andrew Ammons is (1:43)

How relationships and people contribute to business traction (4:02)

The importance of coaching and teaching the lifetime value of a customer (8:33)

An example of a typical telemarketer who disregarded customer value (10:22)  

A look on the scaling and building of Andrew’s business (15:14)

What business owners or entrepreneurs often overlook (18:21)

How was growing and diversifying his business looked like before (19:41)

How he pulled the business back up from a struggle (22:43) 

What would he do differently if he could go back? (25:00)

Why you need to be intentional in every area of business(27:44)

A self definition of business success and fulfillment (28:42)

Pivoting from roofing to real estate investing (35:47)

How to figure out what a customer really needs (37:44)

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